Worcester County Library is committed to making information on this website accessible to all users, including people with disabilities. If you cannot fully access the information on any page on our site, please contact Library Administration at 410-632-2600 or by email Please include the nature of the accessibility issue, the web address (URL) of the material with which you are having difficulty and your contact information.  We will try to provide the information to you in an alternate format and/or make the necessary improvements to make the information accessible.

Web Accessibility

Accessible websites improve web usability for all online users. The library's website, redesigned in June 2019, maintains basic compliance with Federal Section 508 accessibility guidelines.

Please contact us by telephone 410-632-2600 (Maryland Relay users dial 711) or send mail to the address below if you have any difficulty accessing information on the Worcester County Library website or if you would like to provide feedback about the website.

Worcester County Library Web Accessibility Liaison
307 North Washington Street
Snow Hill, MD 21863

For information about Worcester County Library Books By Mail service please call 410-632-2600 (Maryland Relay users dial 711).

Computer Technology Accessibility Resources

Microsoft Word 2013 includes features that make the software accessible to a wider range of users, including those who have limited dexterity, low vision, or other disabilities.

Accessibility Checker

Microsoft Office 2010 includes several new and updated accessibility features.

Accessibility in Windows 8

Accessibility in Windows 7

Firefox Accessibility Features

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