Need one-on-one assistance from a librarian? The Book-a-Librarian service is an opportunity for Worcester County Library card holders to receive individual, focused assistance from a staff member.  Appointments are typically scheduled for 30 minutes.

1. Librarians will provide help with computer problems whenever possible; however, library staff cannot provide in-depth/extensive training concerning internet or personal computer use without an appointment. To make an appointment, please contact your branch library.

  • Resume assistance
  • Setting up e-mail
  • Assistance with job search/applications
  • Library database assistance
  • Basic/general computer usage

Library staff members are not available to type documents, complete or enter information on legal or otherwise sensitive applications (including job applications), send e-mails, assist with on-line purchases or assist with social media.

2. Library staff can not engage in computer repair, troubleshooting, or technical support for patron’s personal computers or electronic devices unless specifically related to library applications.  Library staff can not engage in the following:

  • Download or install software other than library service related programs and applications
  • Conduct virus or troubleshoot scans
  • Change user settings, except those necessary to utilize library services.
  • Conduct back up or file management

If you are having an issue with a personal computer or device, Library staff can assist patrons in locating resources and professionals who can resolve the matter.

3. If a patron needs assistance on the computer, the Library will be happy to assist in the basic use of the computer. Basic computer functions do not involve any of the patron’s confidential or private information, especially those regarding legal matters. If you need help with a legal matter, a librarian can help you locate and access legal material that may be applicable to your situation. We are here to connect you with legal information, but we cannot provide legal advice or do legal research for you.