Summer Reading

Imagine Your Story! Sign up for Summer Reading 2020, June 1 - August 21.

Register to view the live performances on Zoom or view the recorded programs on Facebook for 4 days after the premiere.

  • The Miraculous Magical Balloon (Synetic Theater) - June 25 @ 7 PM
    • A series of hilarious sketches synthesizing music, ballet, clowning, and audience participation.
  • The Magic Box Show (Ran'D Shine) - July 2 @ 7 PM 
    • A fast, fun, and amazing show where MASTER MAGICIAN Rand'D Shine performs ttricks from his favorite magic books that he keeps in a box.
  • Story In Motion (Antonio Rocha) - July 9 @ 7 PM
    • Creative movements and amazing sound effects bring Antonio Rocha's characters to life.
  • Imagine What Happens Next (Silly Joe) - July 16 @ 7 PM 
    • Kids will be amused with songs and stories that begin with something familiar and then take an imaginative twist!
  • Tales From the Good Earth (New Moon Theater) - July 23 @ 7 PM
    • Tales from the Good Earth shares ageless stories from the four corners of the earth with a focus on appreciation and respect for the natural world.
  • Imagine That! Stories to Spark the Teller in Us All (Ed Stivender) - July 30 @ 7 PM 
    • An Interactive storytelling experience.
  • Mister Don The Music Man - August 6 @ 7 PM 
    • Through his special passion for children’s music, Mister Don has emerged as one of the mid-Atlantic region's best-loved family entertainers and music teachers for young children.